5 Easy Indoor Plants For Your House

It is good to challenge yourself once in a while. But sometimes you don’t feel like it, sometimes you just want to go for the easy way. For example, if you don’t have green fingers, you don’t have to choose the most exotic and hardest plants. Easy indoor plants are also beautiful and a real addition to your interior.

Don’t you believe us? We have collected 5 easy indoor plants below. Even for people without green fingers, maintaining these plants is a fun and feasible task.

1. An irritating character – Cactus

These first two plants are actually plants. Almost everyone who has heard of these plants knows that they are indestructible. We are of course talking about the cactus and the succulent plant (see number 2).

The cactus has dozens of different species. For example, you have small, round spheres but also long, vertical stems. A suitable cactus can, therefore, be found for every spot in the house. Are you curious how you can process the cactus in your interior? Then read this inspiring article with 39 examples. The cactus is such an easy houseplant because it hardly needs water. In the winter, once every few months, a generous splash of water is more than sufficient. In the summer you can water the cactus every month.

2. Fatty – Succulent plant

In addition to the cactus, the succulent plant is also such a typical easy houseplant. The succulent plant has different varieties, just like the cactus. Because we found three of those species so beautiful, we have included them in this list. You can find them at numbers 3, 8 and 13. For example, you can also order succulent plants per 12.

A succulent plant also called a Succulent, is an easy houseplant because the plant is able to store water in its roots, stems or leaves. If you forget to water the succulent plants in your house, they can use these reserves and keep them up for a long time.

3. Cross-pollination – Kruiskruid

One of the succulent plants that we find very cute is the cross herb. This easy houseplant occurs naturally in Africa and Central America, but can now also be found in dozens of Dutch households.

Understandable, because this succulent plant is special because of the flowers that arise when the plant is in bloom. These are orange in colour and have a striking appearance. Certainly in combination with the greasy, green leaves. However, the flowers only occur if the cross herb receives sufficient sunlight. This plant works very well as a hanging plant in the house.
Because it is a succulent plant, this easy houseplant is no problem if you forget to water it every now and then. But not too often of course.

4. A tree for home – Fig tree

The Ficus microcarpa, as the fig tree is also called, has a narrow, twisted trunk that flows into rich foliage that is often cut into a sphere. Of course, you can also cut your own figure with a little creativity.

The fig tree needs regular water but may feel dry in between two waterings. In addition, the plant thrives both in the sun and in the (half) shade. Certainly know that you can find a nice place for this tree!

5. Weeds don’t perish – Ivy

Ivy? Isn’t that weed?

Yes and no. For many gardeners, ivy in the garden is indeed seen as a weed. But ivy is also very beautiful as an easy houseplant. For example, place the ivy in a beautiful flower pot and place it on a side table, the TV unit or on the dresser. The liana-like branches of the ivy then fall down like a beautiful waterfall.
It is extra nice to put different types of ivy ( Hedera ) together. For example, opt for ivy with dark green leaves in combination with ivy with lighter leaves, where besides green, a hint of yellow or white is also visible.

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