5 Indispensable Tips For The Newbie Gardener

Have you just started your garden? Or do you just not have as much experience as a gardener? Then there are probably a lot of stumbling blocks that you might not consider. Put the shovel aside for a while and start your garden well prepared.
1. Divorces: A major mistake made as a novice gardener is the construction of a fence or border on the wrong side of the boundary. You often only find out afterwards and yes, then it is actually a shame to remove that nice fence again. Many a television program has already had to resolve some neighbourly quarrels about this. The sin of course! So first check carefully where the divorce runs before you just start removing the tree from your neighbour.

2. Take it easy: As a novice gardener, you prefer to tackle everything. You go to a garden centre in search of plants and you just don’t come back with a full truck. Oops! Suddenly your garden is full of the most difficult plants and too many different varieties. So start by choosing a few easy plants for your garden and don’t buy too much the first time.

3. Clutter: As a gardener, you quickly gathered many different things around you. Potting soil, garden soil, garden tools, watering cans and so on. Make sure you can keep everything dry in a small shed or shelter. That way it won’t be a mess in your garden and everything will just stay dry.

4. Lighting: Good lighting in your garden is very important to give your garden atmosphere, both in the dark winter months and in the beautiful summer. Even when you come home in the evening and want to put your bike in the shed, it is nice if a light comes on. Starting with making a good lighting plan should certainly not be missing when you start gardening. How do you approach that? You can read that here

5. Lounging: Nowadays, there are many different types of garden furniture and different lounge sets that exactly match your garden design. So make no mistake and don’t just buy the first set you see. Usually, as a novice gardener, there is such spontaneous action that you later regret your purchase. Do you have space in your shed? Then maybe you can buy a lounge sofa with cushions, you don’t have a shed and you are more often bubbling around a picnic table, then choose this, because it can often just stay outside. Don’t buy a model that you don’t like completely and make sure there is room in your garden to create a place where you can enjoy the greenery around you.

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