6x Large Indoor Plants As an Eye Catcher

A little greenery in the house can never hurt, and if you want to make your move in one go, you naturally do that with a nice large houseplant. A happy green roommate can always do it.

We have listed 6 large indoor plants in a row, then you only have to choose:

Large houseplant 1: Ficus

The ficus is a strong houseplant and belongs to the mulberry family. The plant prefers a sunny spot in the living room. Keep the soil of this plant always slightly moist by regularly watering small amounts. The more colorful the leaf, the more water the plant wants. And there are no fewer than 800 species of ficus, of which the type’s benjamina (left), microcap (right), Lyra and cyanthistipula are popular as a houseplant.


Large houseplant 2: Croton – Codiaeum variegatum

Can green be a bit of fur? Then go for a codiaeum, also known as croton. This large houseplant is known for the beautifully colored leaves. The codiae requires a light location and slightly moist soil. Beautiful indoor plant species include tamara (left), Petra, excellent and icetone. Or go like the right image for a mix of Codiaeums


Large houseplant 3: Dwarf palm – Phoenix roebelenii

This palm species is also called Phoenix roebelenii and likes to be in a light and sunny place in the living room. To keep the dwarf palm palm nice, it is important to get a hold of the watering can, since the palm consumes a lot of water. Thanks to its tolerance for dry air, this is a very popular houseplant.

Large houseplant 4:  Spoon plant – Spathiphyllum

The spathiphyllum is the oxygen plant among the oxygen plants and also the ideal indoor plant for people without green fingers. The houseplant prefers a not too sunny place, a place in front of a window on the north side is ideal. Water the spoon plant about once or twice a week, with the roots allowed to be slightly submerged. The plant indicates when it is thirsty by letting the leaves hang. No panic, with a splash of water the spathiphyllum recovers in no time. The spoon plant is therefore also the ideal roommate for people without green fingers.

Large houseplant 5: Hole plant – Monster deliciosa

The Monster deliciosa, also known as a hole plant, is a strong houseplant that requires little care. In addition, the plant places few demands on its location, both a light and a darker place in the living room is fine. Water the plant more in the summer than in the winter. When the Monster deliciosa forms brown dots on the leaves, the plant does not get enough water.

Large houseplant 6: Dragon blood tree – Dracaena

The dracaena is a shrub-like plant from the asparagus family. Beautiful species are, for example, Marginata (left), Fragrans (right), Lemon Lime, Arturo and Massangeana. It is not a thirsty plant, so only water when the potting soil feels dry. Make sure there is never a layer of water in the pot of the dracaena, with too much water the roots can rot. Also make sure that this houseplant is not in too much of a draft, brown leaf tops are a symptom of this.

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