Are Shrubs or Shrubs Important to a Garden?

Let me first indicate that a bush and a shrub are the same. The two names are used interchangeably.

Whether shrubs and shrubs are important to your garden depends entirely on you and your garden. A garden must consist of 2/3 of ‘green’, and half of that ‘green’ must be higher than 90 cm to get the right garden feeling. If you are looking for that feeling, the amount of higher green is necessary. Now you could also do that with perennials and grasses, but you usually do not make it. After all, many perennials lose their foliage after the growing season and then have to start all over again at the ground. In a very small garden, you have to work for ‘the height’ with climbing plants against the walls.


With a number of shrubs together you create a kind of closed bush. A planting zone is higher than the rest. With the shape of this border or zone, you determine the structure in your garden. We recommend planting this ‘height’ not only at the edges but also towards the inside of your garden as a border for your patio, the decoration of your pond, or the canopy. The wall of shrubs can be a nice backdrop for the perennials in the foreground. You can choose from deciduous and evergreen/evergreen shrubs.


All shrubs and shrubs have their own quality, one remains green, the other has beautiful autumn colors, variegated leaves, beautiful flowers, beautiful twigs or grows nice and dense and has annoying spines to keep out intruders. Some shrubs attract more birds than others and there are very fast large growers and more subdued varieties. Each shrub itself involves work, sometimes almost nothing, and sometimes pruning shears have to be put in every year.

With all those habits and unpleasantnesses, it is important what the function of the chosen shrub will be. Is it purely about height and background? Are they for more privacy? Did you choose them for their beauty? Is it about the sealing of a garden area with planting? Do you no longer want to have work with a certain garden area?

Different shrubs suit each function. It is important that you select and combine them accordingly. In the Gardens of Appeltern see shrubs and shrub groups in all kinds of functions.

In our plant encyclopedia, you can put together your own wish list. The Appeltern Garden Experts are happy to help you.


There are hundreds of shrubs that you would choose because of a special characteristic. Their color, the smell, the height, the fruits, or simply the overall appearance. We would like to list a dozen of them:

  • Royal purple’ ( wig tree )
  • Japanese dogwood 
  • choisya 
  • lilac 
  • The quince 
  • Abelia Grandiflora ( Abelia )
  • Ivy 
  • false hazel 
  • pepper tree
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