Attention to Your Lawn

Rain, snow, and cold are not the best ingredients for a beautiful, full lawn. Now that summer is coming, it is a good time to pay a little extra attention to your lawn. Tom gives tips.

For a lawn that you want to enjoy all summer long, a number of things are handy to do (and have!)

Tips Removing

Weeds it may not be the best job, but it is important: removing weeds. Fortunately, there are many useful tools to easily remove this weed. And oh yes: always remove it with root, then you know for sure that it will not return.

Bare spots

After freezing or large wet spots on your lawn, chances are that bare spots have occurred. Fortunately, you can easily solve this with grass seed and some extra fertilizer.

Lawn mowing

Always a perfect lawn? Then you actually have to mow every day. Now we can imagine that you don’t feel like it, so how about a robotic lawnmower?

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