Dead Plant? Perhaps You Can Still Save Him!

Is your plant dead? Don’t throw away your plant yet, because maybe you can still save your plant with the help of these tips!

If the leaves fall out and the twigs fall limp, it looks like your plant will die. Yet your plant may still be alive. With a little luck, your plant will stay alive if you apply these tricks. Maybe your plant will soon be completely old again. It’s worth the try.

Give your plant less water

Most people think that their plant will die because it does not get enough water. However, your plant can also die because it simply gets too much water. Therefore, carefully check how much water your plant needs. Also follow these rules.

Enough light

Daylight is extremely important for your plant. Some plants need a lot of light. If your plant is in a dark corner, it can also be disastrous for your plant. The following also applies: search for it via Google. Check whether your plant needs much or little light and put it in the right place.

Don’t just pour water on the soil

It is of course very easy to add some water to the bottom. However, the plant itself also wants to be moistened. Therefore, add some water to a plant sprayer and use this to moisten the plant. Your plant benefits from this in the winter months in particular. The air is then very dry because of the heating that is on.

Remove dead leaves

It is a small job that can make your plant last longer: remove the dead leaves. This can ensure that the plant still has enough energy for the living leaves. If your plant is already exhausted, the plant has no energy left for all the leaves. Remove the dead leaves and your plant may last longer.

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