Hanging a Birdhouse: 10 Tips for Happy Birds

Nothing evokes a better spring feeling than the cheerful chirping of young birds in your own garden or on your balcony. With a birdhouse on the wall, you ensure happy birds and you become one yourself. Because there are so many types of houses and nesting boxes, we list the differences, and we give tips for hanging a birdhouse. In this way, you ensure a safe place and you help to start a new life.

Hanging up a birdhouse

You can have such a beautiful birdhouse, if the place is not right, you will not see a bird in it. There are a few things to keep in mind when hanging a birdhouse or nest box:

  • Hang the birdhouse in a quiet, safe, and quiet place in the garden, so that birds dare to fly in. 
  • Maintain a height of 1.80 meters. This way you can check every now and then whether there is a litter. Do you have a cat? Then a height between 2.50 and 3.50 is better.
  • Remove branches immediately in front of the opening. 
  • Make sure the house is not in full sun, as it will get too hot inside. Hang the birdhouse in a place where it has sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.
  • The opening of the birdhouse is best oriented towards the east, sheltered from the wind and rain. 
  • Make sure that the entrance opening of the house is not blocked by branches. A bird often likes a tree or a higher shrub nearby: this way they can first check whether the area is safe before flying back to the house.
  • Hang the nest box in the fall. This way, birds can get used to the house and use the house as a place to sleep and to shelter from rain and frost.
  • Clean the cupboard thoroughly in the autumn, use gloves, and boiling water.

Combine multiple birdhouses

Do you have several bird species in the garden or do you want to hang different birdhouses? Then it is good to know that most birds of the same species prefer not to live next to each other. Then keep a distance of at least 10 meters between the birdhouses. For birds of different species, such as a great tit and blue tit, the houses can hang 3 meters apart.

Birdhouses for birds that like to live in groups, such as sparrows, starlings, and swallows, can hang next to each other. Choose a birdhouse based on the birds you have in your yard. Each bird has a certain preference for the height of the entrance opening and the diameter of the opening also varies. So take a good look at which birdhouse you choose.

Do you not see a bird in the nesting box or house for 2 breeding seasons in a row? Then check the tips above and look for another place.

A house for every bird

Make your own birdhouse

Discovering a bird’s nest in a homemade birdhouse or nesting box is twice the fun. Among our DIYs you will not only find a birdhouse made of wood, but also an edible birdhouse: a wooden house covered with food and glued with edible glue. Other self-makers that make birds happy are a feed silo, an orange with bird food, and of course fat balls, a fun activity with your children on a dizzier afternoon.

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