How Do You Keep Weeds Under Control?

It’s what almost every gardener struggles with. How do you keep weeds from overgrowing your garden? Let’s be clear right away: this will not work without attention and/or work. First, we would like to make a distinction between usurers, which are usually root weeds and the easier seed weeds.


We’ll name a few: ground elder, creeping buttercup, and nettle. You can still master these varieties if you keep pulling and picking up a lot. Exhausting is the motto. But some varieties require even more. The province of Gelderland even provides a subsidy to help.

The Japanese knot weed

Mowing, weeding, and digging is often insufficient. It is said that the plant will die slowly if you spray it with boiling hot water.

The Canadian Goldenrod

This spreads by seed as well as underground shoots. You have to dig the roots out deep and remove the flowers every time to prevent seeding.

The Giant Balsam

This usurer has large leaves that choke other plant species. Every time a plant comes up you have to stick it out. Preferably before flowering so that it cannot set seed.

Giant Bear Claw

They crowd out every other plant. In addition, the sap and the stinging hairs of this plant can irritate your skin. Sticking out is an option, mowing, grazing, and biological or chemical control also help.

The Thistle

It can take years before you get rid of them. Just keep pulling, but if you are late and they are already blooming, you can start all over again. You get rid of them in the lawn by mowing regularly.


In the case of fallow soil, you can use anti-root cloths to combat strong root weeds. Very handy also for ditch sides with reeds. You can implant the covered area. When the plants have grown sufficiently you will eventually no longer see the anti-root cloth.


  1. You must ensure that the weed seeds in your garden do not have a chance to germinate. Do not leave any space in your border, fill everything with plants, and make sure that they grow out as quickly as possible so that they cover the soil.
  2. Stick to the maintenance rhythm yourself. If you pick the weeds away from the same spot in the garden every 11th day, you will prevent them from spreading and growing even more.
  3. Don’t hoe, but pick the weeds. Weed removal is only possible when it is still very small and the weather is warm and dry.
  4. You could sprinkle wood chips or peach seeds. The cover ensures that the germinating weeds do not receive sunlight.
  5. You could put a thick layer of cardboard with a layer of tree bark on top. You should see it as an intermediate measure. With the planting of the ‘cardboard’, the terrain eventually grows up while the cardboard underneath decays. Therefore, do not grow.


Anti-weed cloth as control of seed weeds only works if you ensure that no soil or sand ends up on the weed cloth. It is not without reason that we call the anti-weed cloth ‘cleaning cloth’. In the ground or sand above the canvas, weed seeds can simply start to grow. For more information, take a look at the gardening advice article: Anti-weed cloth and root-resistant foil

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