How to Ensure That the Tree of the Bios Urn® ​​grows?

A tree is a living being, that breathes, that we cannot always control and that requires special attention. A recurring concern about using the Bios Urn is whether or not the tree will grow. It is completely understandable, planting the Bios Urn ® is an important process, especially for all it represents. Although there are no full guarantees in nature, there are certain factors and procedures that can help the chosen tree to grow beautifully and healthy!

Thanks to its patented design, the Bios Urn ® allows the ashes to be stored while providing the necessary nutrients for the tree to grow. The lower part of the Bios Urn ® contains the ashes and in the upper part, there is an expansion disk that together with other growth media protects the roots and provides the vitamins and minerals necessary to guarantee the correct growth of the tree.

Regardless of whether seed or cutting is used, minimal care will be required in both cases. Planting a seed or cutting and not paying enough attention to it in the first year can slow growth, even when using a grown tree. During the first 18 months, the tree will require some basic care, mainly in the form of exposure to sunlight and water supply. Each tree has its own specificities, however, the care is usually the same during the first year. As a general rule, trees should be protected during the winter as most prefer to grow with half sun, or indirect sun (too much shade or too much sun can be detrimental).

The Bios Urn ® must be planted during the appropriate season, in most cases, it is usually in early spring or autumn, although the time may vary depending on the weather conditions of the region. The best time to plant is in moderate temperatures. It is important to bear in mind that planting a living being, be it a tree or a plant, must be carried out according to the growth cycles of the planting area.

If you live in a region with severe temperatures, a good option is to plant the Bios Urn ® indoors, either in a pot or in a Bios In cube ®. In the case of planting the tree outside, it is important to ensure that the tree is protected during the cold of winter. Planting the tree in a garden pot is a good idea as the tree can easily be transplanted when the weather conditions are better, or even when the tree has already grown a little bit (around 18-24 months).

The Bios In cube ® has been designed to facilitate tree growth and can be used with seeds or cuttings. The plus model of the Bios In cube ® waters the tree automatically and periodically depending on the humidity of the soil.

It is important not to forget that trees are living beings, and very beautiful. For a tree to grow healthy, with or without the Bios Urn ®, it is necessary to provide it with basic care and the necessary care/love. If you have doubts about the care of a specific type of tree, we recommend contacting a specialist such as a florist or consulting a specialized blog on the internet.

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