Indoor Plants For Shade

Do you live in a home without too much light?

Do you live in an apartment or house without too much light? No problem! There are different house plants that do well in shady areas. To make it clear, there is not a single houseplant that can live without light! But there are several that thrive in light shade.


The Calathea is nowadays one of the most popular indoor plants. They are known for its beautiful distinctive leaves. There are different shadows in it – one more beautiful than the other.

The Calathea is perfect for creating contrasts in the house and can therefore thrive in the dark corners of the house. In the winter, however, it will benefit from being brighter.

Spoon plant – Spathiphyllum

Spoon plant or Spathiphyllum is an old classic that has remained standing! It is known for its delicate flowers and its air-purifying properties are also resistant to shade. A beautiful flower that is both hardy and easy to care for – will it be better?


Epipremnum is another beautiful houseplant that can do without too much light. However, it is worth noting that the beautiful marble of the leaves becomes clearer when the plant becomes light. If you like the slightly longer house plants, the golden drink can also be obtained on moss sticks.


The Peperomia family consists of more than 1000 different species – so there is something for everyone. They are available in many different colors and shades. They all have in common that they don’t get very high. The sweet little plant is incredibly popular and thrives in partial shade.

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