Make Your Garden Your Holiday Resort!

At the beginning of this year, you probably had other plans for the summer. Since COVID-19 keeps us in our own country, it is high time to discover how beautiful it is here. Where to start? As always with yourself. By that we mean; at your own garden, terrace or balcony. How do you do that? We are happy to give you a hand.


On vacation, we are suddenly completely different people. We are relaxed, happy and in our own way fully enjoy what the holiday location has to offer. How nice it is if you can also evoke this feeling closer to home. For example, by opening the door to the garden as soon as the first rays of the sun appear. Or design your terrace as a Mediterranean terrace, where you can spend hours in the sun enjoying everything that catches your eye. It is not difficult to realize, as long as you open up to it. Because be honest, the saying is correct; There is no place like home.


It starts with comfort. This should not only be the case when you are relaxing on your garden furniture but also when you look at it. You should be the first to want to put your towel on that comfy couch so that you have the exclusive right to enjoy it all day long. Therefore, check with yourself whether your current garden furniture still evokes this feeling in you. Is this not so? Then it may be time to delve into new seating furniture. Of course, you have to consider which style you want. This is really a matter of taste. Because we cannot determine exactly what your style is for you, we can give you some spearheads. Do you want a set that requires little maintenance? Then you end up with aluminum or wicker. If you don’t mind providing your furniture with a little oil once a year, wood is very characteristic.


Once you have made a choice in terms of material, you can set the mood. An important factor in this is the color. This may be the color of the frame or the cushions. You are already well on your way. Now it is time for the decoration! Decorations determine the atmosphere. You do not have to worry that you are stuck with a certain style. Changing decorative cushions or changing the arrangement can already give a completely different picture. Plants are an important atmosphere creator. You can add this to your outside location in many ways. Beautiful pots on the terrace with green eye-catchers, hanging plants with cheerful colors on the canopy or a well-stocked planter on the fence of your balcony, plants come with charisma. This appearance literally and figuratively creates life in your garden.


We just talked about the setup. As humans, we are creatures of habit. We are therefore quickly inclined to design our terrace in a certain way once, and never to change it again. This allows you to quickly get bored by a place where you should be. Experimenting with set-ups and changing them regularly ensures that you always get the feeling of “a new terrace”.

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