Prepare Your Garden For Spring

Flowers that hatch, birds that whistle and go outside without a coat. The time has come: spring is coming. And this, of course, is the perfect season to take a good look at your garden. You want to sit comfortably when you feel the first rays of sunlight on your face. We asked garden expert Laurence Machiels for her tips to prepare your garden for spring.

  1. Roll up your sleeves

“The earlier in the season you start the big work, the easier it is; it is now even more quiet in the garden. All dead stems of perennials and ornamental grasses can now go away. I prefer to work with my automatic hedge shears. Start at the top and shave the dry stems horizontally, in layers of 5 to 10 centimeters, all the way down. Also cleaning your terrace with a high-pressure cleaner is a good job to do now. ”

  1. Mulching

“Finished shaving off the dry stems? Let all those shreds lie nicely. They cover the bottom, and you get less weeds. You can never completely get under the weeds, but it really saves a lot if you get in early season starts with ‘mulching’, which is of course also possible with bark or wood chips. ”

  1. Pruning

“You have to prune some plants now. Rose tufts and lavender for example. I will clean up the rose waste, because there are almost always thorns on the rose branches.”

  1. Take a soil test

“A soil test I hear you think? That is really ideal to do in the spring. Such a test shows how the soil in your garden is doing. Does it need manure or, on the contrary, lime? But also too much of this People throw lime and manure on the lawn every year, but in many cases this is not necessary, you can buy a test like this at the garden center and cost almost nothing, while ultimately saving you a lot of money and time. ”

  1. Tackle the lawn

March is the month to tackle the lawn. Rake the mole mounds open and also tackle the bald spots in the grass. That is because weed comes quickly and moreover it is not a pretty sight. Sprinkle some recovery seed in such a bare spot if you are busy in the garden anyway. And let the lawnmower or robotic lawnmower takes a spin; always start at the highest setting. ”

  1. Be careful, snails!

Now that the first plant shoots appear, the first snails also appear. If you do not want the snails to eat your plants bare, sprinkle ecological slug pellets. The snails that you take out now cannot multiply later. ”

  1. Check for weeds

Weeds are best removed as early as possible. If you are still busy in the garden, take this job with you right away. Saves you a lot the rest of the spring. ”

  1. Cleaning the bird houses

This is also the right time to give the bird houses a thorough cleaning. Remove everything that is still in it and scrub it just as well. That way you can be sure that the birds will soon be able to build a nice nest. “

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