The 4 Types of Security Screen Doors

When you’re attempting to determine what kind of security or routine screen door you desire for your residence, things can get rather complex. It seems these days like every steel and also steel function that manufacture protection screen doors have their own name for really what are only 4 kinds of doors. That’s it– 4. It’s this inconsistency that made us below at Steel Benefit in Phoenix metro, AZ determines to compose this quick guide to the 4 types of safety screen doors. Below you’ll locate quick summaries of each type, so you can be a better-notified client as well as buy a door that fits your residence and also your spending plan.

  1. Single Safety And Security Doors

When you simply require a safety door for a fundamental front door, this is one of the most usual types of door. Unlike what you may think, this kind of door is available in greater than just a fundamental vertical bar layout. Single safety doors can be discovered at large box shops and also various other representatives, but it’s constantly far better to acquire them directly from a producer so you know who made them and also you can obtain the very best guarantees. Plus even single safety and security doors are fully adjustable, depending on the company you acquire yours from. We always have adjustable and also add-on designs offered for our doors.

  1. Dual Safety And Security Doors

If you have a double front door, sliding glass doors, or French doors, after that dual safety and security doors are what you require. Basic double protection doors are similar to solitary protection doors, except there are 2 of them, 1 major door, and another door that can continue to be closed or can be opened up. And also like solitary protection doors, dual doors come in a huge variety of styles and designs from the easy vertical bar kind to the extra sophisticated floral and also medallion layouts that look fantastic on Spanish style houses as well as other Southwestern design homes you could see around Phoenix.

  1. Mesh Doors

If you want to keep your house safe, however, dislike the concept of safety doors after that a mesh protection screen door is what you intend to try to find. You might assume that mesh wouldn’t shield your home, but this mesh is made from steel, not textile or aluminum. It can’t be ripped or begun. Plus mesh doors like our mesh Eco guard secure view doors, come with a detachable safety glass panel so when it’s cooler here in Phoenix az, you can enable fresh air to stream freely into your home while remaining risk-free from bugs and also intruders.

  1. Laser Doors

Laser-cut steel safety and security doors bring one more level of customization to your doors that normal solitary and also dual doors can not. Laser cutting is an outstanding technology that enables door makers like Steel Advantage to develop styles for you that we never ever can with more conventional metalworking approaches. Laser door designs can come from pre-existing themes as well as from templates that you co-design with the steelworks, like us, that manufacture your door. Plus you can acquire laser safety doors in both solitary and also dual styles.


Ideally, now you can see that there are actually just 4 kinds of safety and security screen doors around. As well as whether you pick solitary doors, double doors, mesh doors, or laser doors, or a combination of 1 or more types, understanding which type is which can only make your purchase decision that much easier.

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