The Garden Trends of 2020

New products and new plants appear every year, but to immediately speak of a trend is going a bit too far for us. After all, you do not immediately change the entire garden world with one new stone or garden fence. But of course, changes are taking place. We would like to list a few.


Due to the climate, but even more due to the reduced use of natural and native plant species, more and more pests such as the oak processionary caterpillar are given all the space. Their natural enemies (small bugs) are very much at home on those natural plants. Fewer natural plants result in fewer natural control agents and therefore more oak processionary caterpillars. Another reason that so many good-natured bugs, such as bees, have disappeared, is due to the use of too strong pesticides. Plenty of reasons to garden naturally as much as possible. Healthy resources, plenty of natural plants, plenty of room for birds, and all kinds of other useful flutter and creepers.


Our climate has changed drastically in 20 years. And it seems as if it goes further and faster every year. You have to respond to this with your plants and the layout of your garden. A plant should be climate resistant. It must be able to take a beating when it is extremely hot and dry, but it must also continue to grow when it is wet for too long. With the right strain in the right place, you will get there, but you will also have to take the necessary precautions in your garden. Consider, for example, your planters; they should not heat up too much, but soil mixture should retain enough water, but also allow the excess to pass through.

The same applies in the borders … there too you have to put the soil structure together in a climate-proof manner. And then we are only talking about the plants. What do you think about the excess water in your garden? Too much sun? The intensifying storms?

Water collection and water storage, roof trees, pergolas with shade cloths, and of course proper roofing and garden fencing. You can see the changes in the latest Gardens of Appeltern.


We regularly organize Garden Starter Days in Appeltern. We then point the starters the right way to their future garden. When listening to their wishes, just like last year and the year before, it is about maintenance. For many, ‘the less, the better’. Fortunately, there are many choices on the basis of which maintenance time can be saved. We have selected more than 70 tips elsewhere on this site. It is clearly visible that many products are also becoming ‘easier’. You no longer have to paint, the grass is self- spraying, decking no longer becomes smooth, aluminum pergolas are clicked together, a green roof comes in diskettes, a swimming pool cleans itself automatically, and garden walls and hedges are delivered and installed ready-to-use. Convenience is also paramount in terms of construction and construction. Difficult foundations are no longer necessary and a gravel path is laid and fixed in one fell swoop.


Perhaps a bit of a strange choice of words, but it is true. The latest accessories for your garden such as growing tables, stacking boxes, lighting, canopies, and furniture are not only more beautiful, they are also very solidly made, require hardly any maintenance, and last a long garden life. That is sustainable and beautiful in one. You see a lot of things in other sectors that are thrown away immediately after use. Fortunately, things are different in the garden sector. Many producers take the environment into account and fortunately also the taste of the real gardener who does not want clutter and constructions made of wind-trees. In practice, the nicer and more durable products are also more expensive to purchase. For us a reason to advise everyone to make such a start (design and construction) that all those beautiful things and materials come together in the right environment and cohesion. Our Garden experts are happy to help. Speaking of trends; we see that more and more gardeners are first comprehensively informed, often also personally informed before they get started.

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