These Design Garden Furniture Make Every Terrace More Beautiful

With the days at their longest and nature growing and blooming, Jessica and Fleur from PRCHTG spend as much time as possible outside. Indoors they opt for beautiful design, but their terraces are also full of cool designs in fine colors. In this article, they share their favorite design garden furniture.

Satisfied bank

A typically Dutch name for a Dutch design brand that focuses on sustainable products: Weltered. Living with their products should provide a satisfied and pleasant feeling. We dream of having their outdoor oven and ‘Dutch tub’ in our garden. Until that day we have already decorated our terraces with the ‘Bended Bench’. This bench is made of fine material aluminum, which is a sustainable choice because it can be recycled indefinitely. In addition, this material is maintenance-free and nice and light. So you can easily move it from a place in the shade to a place where you can enjoy the sun’s rays.

Sustainable garden bench

Speaking of sustainable… Do you already know the German WYE Design ? Ferdinand and Franziskus from Munich developed a collection of furniture around the recycling principle. They experimented a lot and eventually developed the wooden material Neolign. It is made from a wood industry by-product and a special kind of color paste. They take the circular production chain very seriously at WYE, because you will receive compensation if you return your product to them when you are tired of it. This way they can make something new out of it.

Garden benches everywhere

We have already spent many moments in the garden. Just enjoy a latte macchiato, have a good conversation with a loved one or girlfriend, or have breakfast at the garden table: we can’t get enough of the outdoors. We also love to combine our garden furniture with our most beautiful plaids and printed cushions. There are tables everywhere, such as that of the Danish Small Revolution which is made from recycled plastic. Another favorite is the table from HAY ‘s Palissade series. And we mix and match with sofas and chairs!


Both the courage to combine unexpected colors, the feelers to pick out the latest trends in design, and the drive to style and photograph it all: Jessica and Fleur from PRCHTG are sweet with their interiors every day. The perfect pink armchair from a well-known Scandinavian label, a vintage display cabinet in which all kinds of ceramics of undiscovered talent shine, but also an iconic lamp of an established name: design in the broadest sense of the word is their great love.

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