This Plant Grows Perfectly Through Hydro Pony!

Hydropowat? Exactly, hydro pony! The technique where your house plants grow in water instead of potting soil. Indoor plants do not get their food from potting soil but from water. Because you can see the bare root system completely, the plant gets an extra natural touch. And not unimportant: it looks great!

The base

Hydropony is therefore a technique where you do not grow plants in potting soil but in water. Plants such as the Anthurium are ideal for this. They are available with bare roots from some florists, but you can also easily remove the potting soil yourself.

That’s how you do that!

Use a bucket of lukewarm water and carefully rinse the soil between the roots until all potting soil is gone. Then place the anthurium in a glass vase or pot of water (a layer of 5-6 cm is sufficient) in a place with sufficient daylight, but not in full sun. Refill the water occasionally or change when it is cloudy (approximately every 3 to 4 weeks). Immediately add a drop of plant food.


The cut Anthurium

A pot Anthurium on hydropony is a real eye catcher in the house, but the cut Anthurium is also a striking appearance. The size of the heart-shaped bract varies from 6 to 30 cm. Because of the strong and leafless stem you can easily apply the cut Anthurium in bouquets, but it also looks great on its own, possibly with a twig of green for an airy effect. Also nice: use test tubes instead of a large vase! First tie the tubes together (with an iron wire or rope) and fill them with water. Cut the anthurium at an angle (to the desired length) and put them in the mini vases. It becomes extra special by placing the whole under a glass bell jar. Cut Anthuriums can easily stay on clean water for 2 to 3 weeks, and if you are lucky they will stay in place for up to 5 weeks.

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