Tips For The Most Beautiful Winter Garden

In the summer months the garden is always a wonderful place to relax, but what about the winter? In the colder months the garden can also be a cozy place, it only requires some adjustments. It will take a while before spring is over and summer is completely gone. We are still in the middle of the phase that we are dealing with the cold. The thick coats are already hanging on the rack, we put the heaters high again, compare the energy providers and the pea soup pan appears on the stove again. Into the garden? Brr … most people don’t think about it. They have just said hello to the garden.

Winter atmosphere

Yet that is a shame, because even in the cold months, the garden can be an attractive place to be. Just think of a crackling fire, a winter barbecue, atmospheric lights, soft cushions and warm blankets. Doesn’t that sound like an ideal place to spend a few very pleasant hours?

Prepare the garden for winter

If you want to make your winter garden a nice place in the cold months, you have to do something for it. In addition to winterizing. Such a colorless garden with bare branches does not look attractive. So clean up the loose leaves and provide some color through living plants. For example, you can use a Christmas rose, conifers, holly, skimmia and / or decorative cherry. Also give the perennials a compost layer in the winter, which protects them from the cold and provides them with nutrients.

Place to sit

Do you not yet have a place to sit in the garden? Then make a few simple wooden lounge sofas from pallets. Preferably place them against a wall so that you can use the wall as a backrest. Don’t have a wall? Then, at the back of the pallets, place one pallet vertically against the pallets and screw it tight. Now you have a backrest. Pillows on it and you have a comfortable place. Do you not like pallets in the garden? The garden centers often have a sale in the winter when it comes to garden furniture, so maybe you can also score something else.

Warm and attractive

If you want to sit outside in the winter, it must of course be comfortable. For example, you can place a heater or patio heater or indeed light that warm and crackling fire. Tasty warm fleece blankets and pillows or a sheepskin to sit on are of course also nice. The finishing touch is of course the decoration and the lighting. Place some pumpkins or some wicker baskets with green branches and red berries. Lanterns or light cords give the garden something magical. If you also have some mirrors in the garden that reflect the lights, it will be very special

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