Top 3: Free WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

In your search for good software to start an online store at low costs, you have probably already come across WordPress. WordPress is an extremely popular system that is used by most of the world for regular websites (WebshopSuccess also runs on WordPress). WordPress is especially praised because the CMS (the back) of the website is easy to understand. In addition, the possibilities are endless because new plugins are constantly being created that you can often add for free.

If you are planning to build an online store in WordPress then you have come to the right place with this page. We are happy to give you some more information and tips on how to build a professional webshop in WordPress. WordPress was originally made for a normal website and that is why you always need a plugin or a special theme to create an e-commerce website.

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The Top 3 Ecommerce Plugins:

In recent years, a lot of plugins have been added, and the e-commerce possibilities of WordPress are also increasing rapidly. To help you make a choice, we have listed the best free ecommerce plugins for you in these top seven.

Although these plugins are all free, you should keep in mind that there are additional costs if you want to have all the options to complete your webshop. You may also have to engage a specialist for certain customization.


1. Woocommerce


By far the most well-known plugin for creating a WordPress webshop is Woocommerce. This plugin for WordPress was launched a few years ago and many users immediately started to create a professional online store. Due to the many possibilities, this plugin is number 1 in this overview!

Woocommerce has grown considerably in recent years and as a result the possibilities are all expanding. Woocommerce is especially popular because it offers the most options and also a lot of extensions to completely customize your webshop.

You can now also find a Woocommerce webshop at larger companies that have discovered the advantages. For example, take a look at for a neat Woocommerce webshop.

Some options that are standard in your webshop are a Paypal integration, social media buttons, various shipping options, a discount code system and a simple stock system. Ideal for the Dutch market is now also perfectly possible with an extension.

Although you do not have to count on support with WordPress itself, Woocommerce is very different here. These guys are happy to help you with bugs and other minor issues to further improve the platform. If you are looking for a professional webshop at a low cost, then you should definitely give Woocommerce a chance. Get your SEO Service with Digital marketing company 


2. WP Ecommerce


A good second place goes to the WP e-commerce plugin, another possibility to quickly and easily build a professional webshop with WordPress. Whether you have a few products or a large assortment, with WP ecommerce the possibilities are endless. This plugin has now been downloaded more than three million times, which says enough about its popularity!

Wp-ecommerce is made for the slightly more experienced webshop owner who has high demands and wants to create a unique webshop. Wp-ecommerce offers you, just like WooCommerce, the possibility to adjust the HTML and CSS code of your website so that you can create a completely unique look for your webshop, which is nice when thousands of companies still use the same system. .

Another unique feature is the simple ordering process of the webshops that you can create with this plugin. By default there is an optimized checkout process in your webshop which is super good for your conversion. In addition, almost all known payment and shipping methods now have a link with this plugin, so you will not need much customization. Most of the extensions you need are paid, unlike the plugin itself!


3. Jigo Shop


A few years ago, the English web design agency Jigowatt introduced the simple Jigoshop that can be used for small and medium-sized webshops. Jigoshop has a simple dashboard that you can figure out in half a day. If speed is an important factor, Jigoshop can offer a solution because it allows you to build and manage your online store at lightning speed.

When you start creating your online store, you can choose from more than 30 optimized templates. Because Jigoshop does not yet have millions of users, you can still quite easily create a unique webshop despite this low number of themes.

Installing Jigoshop is completely free, but of course, a small financial contribution has to be made for some themes and extensions. Most shipping and payment methods now have a link with Jigo, if you want to install Ideal you can contact the Dutch Pronamic who can help you with this.

The user-friendly dashboard allows you to manage your categories, products, and stock in a few simple steps. Immediately upon arrival, you will receive a handy overview of your current sales and stock.

What not many people know is that Jigoshop was originally developed for the Woocommerce plugin, the themes were actually made to use for a Woocommerce webshop, but Jigoshop is currently becoming quite famous on its own.

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