Treehouse Making & Inspiration: The 15 Most Beautiful

A treehouse in the garden is a dream come true for most children. In this way, they not only have their own place but can also climb and clamber to their heart’s content. Before the treehouse can be built, however, it is important that you make a good design. Something that is difficult when the possibilities are endless. In this article, you can get treehouse inspiration. We have collected and listed the 21 most beautiful treehouses in the world.

Treehouse inspiration: 21x the most beautiful treehouse in the world

Building your own tree house has become very hip in recent years. The companies that focus on making tree houses are popping up like mushrooms and also on television there are regular programs about making a treehouse. We can also imagine it well. The 21 treehouses in this article are perfect for the right treehouse inspiration. So quickly look further.

1. A castle garden

You can live in a castle in the United Kingdom. There is this treehouse that has all the looks of a real castle. Not only is the shape of this treehouse perfect, but the finish is also phenomenal. In addition, the details have also been thought of. This treehouse has a rope bridge, a zip line, and a platform from which the enemy can be spied. For children, this is, of course, the absolute play paradise.

2. Do you see the tree house?

The next treehouse is almost invisible. The use of reflective material makes this treehouse very well camouflaged. What is special about this treehouse is that they have transformed it into a Swedish hotel on the inside. There are several rooms where you can sleep overnight. We will definitely add this to our bucket list!

3. Fear of heights is no excuse

We can imagine that you will get the creeps of a treehouse if you are afraid of heights. However, the following treehouse shows that things can be done differently and is therefore the perfect treehouse inspiration for anyone with a fear of heights. As you can see, a treehouse does not have to be built in the tops of a tree at all. A few meters above the ground is more than enough.

4. Dining at a great height

This fourth tree house can rightly be called special. The shape is unique and the function of the treehouse is also exceptional. In Brazil, where this treehouse is located, a restaurant is run here. Would you like to have a bite to eat here? We do!

5. Tree house with a walkway

Located in the United States, this treehouse doesn’t look very special at first glance. However, he is. The many windows ensure that you have a spectacular view of the area. You have to come from a good family if you want to enter this treehouse. The walkway is only accessible to real daredevils.

6. A multi-story tree house

Most treehouses are relatively small. However, this treehouse inspirational example shows that things can be done differently. In Seattle, they managed to build a multi-story treehouse. The treehouse, therefore, resembles a real house in the middle of the woods.

7. A romantic balcony

Treehouse is not only fun for children, but also for couples in love. This example shows how you can transform a treehouse into a romantic place with some accessories. Wouldn’t you fall in love all over again if someone invited you to spend the night here?

8. Sleek and unobtrusive

In Ontario, there is a treehouse that is hardly noticeable. The clean lines and dark brown materials of this treehouse make it blend in perfectly with the environment. The treehouse is also mainly built-in height and less in width. That also ensures a sheltered appearance. If you want to relax, this is the place to be.

9. A Balinese tree house

They are also fans of the treehouse in Bali. This treehouse has several floors and is made entirely of bamboo. In addition, the lines of this tree house can be called special. When you see this treehouse you will probably be short of eyes, it is that beautiful.

10. The middle of nowhere

Waking up in a treehouse is a dream for many, but waking up in this treehouse is even more special. In Canada, you can rent this treehouse, which is located in the middle of the forest. If you are lucky and it just snowed, you will wake up in the same paradise as in the photo above.

11. Children’s play paradise

We just told you that this list of treehouse inspiration is mainly intended to give you ideas for your own treehouse. In the example above, they have chosen to focus their treehouse entirely on the children. It has therefore become a true children’s paradise, with a slide, climbing wall, and various rooms. Which child would not be happy about this?

12. Awaken in a winter paradise

The next treehouse is relatively easy. However, that is not bad at all in this case, because the environment ensures that this treehouse has managed to make it to the list of most beautiful treehouses in the world. Just imagine waking up in this treehouse, looking outside, and seeing an untouched white blanket covering the earth. Awesome!

13. A beer barrel as a starting point

In the UK, they know where to get the treehouse inspiration from. In the following example, it clearly comes from a cask or barrel. The round shapes of this treehouse ensure that the treehouse is unique and blends in beautifully with its surroundings.

14. Harmony between man and nature

You have small tree houses and you have large tree houses. This next example clearly belongs to the latter group. However, the size of the tree has created a perfect balance between nature and treehouse, making the size anything but disturbing.

15. Floating among the cherry blossom

You can no doubt guess where this treehouse is located. Exactly, in Japan. There are several things that stand out about this treehouse. Firstly, the treehouse seems to float between the cherry trees and it is also made of special material. The classic wooden scraps are nowhere to be seen.

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