With These Plants You Can Make Your Garden Hay Fever Free!

Do you always have to sneeze and sniff when you walk through the garden? With the help of these plants and flowers, you can make your garden hay fever free!

As soon as the temperatures rise again it is of course so nice to sit in the garden. You want to be able to enjoy the sun. For hay fever patients this naturally also has a considerable downside: certain flowers and plants can make the symptoms worse. Fortunately, you do not have to turn over your entire garden immediately, but you can make your garden hay fever-free. How do you do this? You read it in this article.

Colorful garden

Do you also like a colorful garden? Then you can get started with that. The more colorful the flower, the smaller the chance of hay fever symptoms. The pollen grains of colorful flowers hardly end up in the air. Therefore, preferably choose flowers and plants that can be pollinated by insects (and therefore not by the air).

Which flowers and plants are suitable?

Which flowers and plants are now suitable for a hay fever-free garden? The flowers and plants below are suitable for hay fever patients and therefore do not cause any complaints (in any order):

  • Hydrangea;
  • Lavender;
  • Marigold;
  • Lobelia;
  • Salvia;
  • Azalea;
  • Lily species;
  • Flower bulbs;
  • Broom;

Useful tips

When designing your garden, you can still take various things into account. Would you like a pond? Then always choose a pond with aquatic plants. These plants never cause hay fever problems. If you do not have room for a pond, you can also opt for a water tank with water plants. That is very nice in the garden! You can limit the growth of weeds by using a ground cover. You can think of plants like the deaf nettle, canine trot, periwinkle and deer hay. Weeds are an important source of pollen and therefore it is important to combat this.

What should you not do?

There are of course always a number of things that you shouldn’t do. You should of course avoid flowers that give a lot of pollen. You should therefore avoid the following plants and flowers from your garden: the oak, alder, sea buck thorn, birch, ash, sweet chestnut, hazel, yew, elderberry and hornbeam. You should also not place privet hedges in your garden. These must be pruned very regularly.

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