Wooden Garden Chairs & Wooden Table

It is only February, but we are already looking forward to spring. Then we can enjoy the garden again. Have a nice meal with friends in the garden or have a drink in the evening.

This means that we also have to prepare the garden for spring! And of course, that includes a beautiful garden setting, where you can enjoy the long spring and summer evenings.

What is totally hip and happening this year are wooden tables. Tree trunk tables, scaffolding wooden tables or other wooden tables: with a wooden table you are in the right place this summer. And you can also go in all directions with the garden chairs at a wooden table. To give you some inspiration for your garden set, here are 14 examples of garden chairs next to a wooden table!

13 Inspiring examples of garden chairs next to a wooden table

1. Imagine yourself on a Greek terrace

When we see this garden, we spontaneously get the feeling that we are sitting on a terrace on a Greek sun-drenched island …

And who wouldn’t want that feeling while you are just sitting in the backyard? The garden set is a wooden table simply combined with wooden chairs. With the combination of wood and wood, you can actually always sit well.

What is also nice about this garden set is that the wood looks nice and weathered. Both the wood of the chairs and that of the table have that weathered look, which is currently very hot. With this set in the garden, you are ready for the summer. And the turquoise accessories are also perfect.

2. Wood & plastic

Although wood and wood is always a good combination, it is also a safe combination. After all, the garden chairs at a wooden table do not necessarily always have to be made of wood.

Go crazy and opt for plastic chairs, for example, as in the image above. The gray chairs that have been chosen here for the wooden garden table go very well with it. This creates a completely different look than with wooden chairs.

And, also very handy: plastic chairs are very easy to clean!

3. A picnic table

Instead of garden chairs at a wooden table, you can of course also opt for a bench!

In the image above, two nice wooden benches have been placed at the wooden table. This almost gives you the feeling that you are sitting at a picnic table!

The benches are made of the same wood as the table and therefore the whole fits together perfectly. A bench gives a nice playful look to the garden. And in addition, if you ask us, it is also quite cozy and cozy to sit on a bench instead of a chair.

4. An attractive dining area

A cozy corner has been created in this garden. Can you picture yourself sitting at this table?

The white metal chairs match perfectly with the table, which has white metal legs. Color has been added in a fun way with the cushions on the chairs and the accessories on the table. And thanks to the cushions you also sit wonderfully soft on these chairs. A real win-win situation!

5. A piece of Ibiza in your garden

A combination of benches and a chair was chosen for this wooden table. When you sit down here, you almost feel like you are in Ibiza.

All the furniture and accessories that you see in this photo really form a beautiful whole. The table and benches are made of the same wood and therefore fit together perfectly. The wicker chair again matches the colors of the cushions on the benches and the lamps that hang above the table. And did you already notice that the wooden beams on the ceiling of the patio cover match the whole so well?

6. The Knights of the Round Table

Until now, we have all seen rectangular garden tables. But a garden table does not necessarily have to be rectangular at all.

Maybe you don’t have a suitable place for a rectangular table in your garden. A round table offers a solution! In this photo, you see garden chairs next to a wooden table that match very well in terms of color. The wooden tabletop has had a whitewash treatment, making it light gray in color. As you can see, it fits perfectly with the chairs.

The table and chairs both have a black metal base, which also matches very nicely. That has clearly been thought about!

7. A nice mix of metal and wood

Metal garden chairs next to a wooden table are a very suitable choice. In this photo, we see that there is a nice mix made of wood and metal.

At the front, we see two metal garden chairs and on the other side of the table is a wooden corner sofa. The white color of the seats is nice and light and summery. And although the seats have a sleek design, the corner sofa with cushions ensures that the whole also looks very cozy and comfortable.

8. Wood + white = the perfect summer combination

Again we see that white metal is combined with wood. White looks nice and fresh for the summer. And we love the combination of wood and metal anyway.

The white lanterns that are hung above the table provide an extra summary, playful look. The whole thing looks very nice!

9. A colorful whole

Although white is a beautiful color for the summer, bright colors are of course also extremely suitable for this period. After all, bright colors immediately make you happy.

As in the image above, where you see colored garden chairs near a wooden table. This whole looks very cheerful and colorful and looks very summery. What we like even more is that chairs in different colors have been chosen. This makes the whole thing very playful.

10. A collection of chairs

Do you also find it so difficult to choose between all those nice garden chairs? Then we have good news for you: you don’t necessarily have to choose!

Various garden chairs have been placed at the garden table in the photo above, and that looks very cozy. Moreover, nowadays it is also very trendy not to opt for one type of chair, but for several types.

The chairs all have the same color so that in the end it looks like one whole. This is the perfect solution for those who cannot choose from all the nice garden chairs!

11. Stylish and sleek

The garden table in this photo proves that a wooden table doesn’t always have to be brown.

The dark gray table with bucket seats in the same color looks super sleek and trendy. And we also really like the cactus on the table! Despite the fact that this garden set has a dark color, it does not look gloomy or wintry. Color is cleverly applied with cushions. We think this garden set is very stylish!

12. Stools at a wooden table

Here is a combination of chairs and stools at the garden table. We have never seen this combination before, but we really like it!

The metal frame of the table matches well with the metal chairs and stools. This garden set has an industrial look. The set also fits very well with the rest of the garden, which also looks somewhat industrial.

Are you not so fond of metal but do you really like stools? Then you can of course also opt for chairs and stools made of wood at your garden table.

13. A cheerful balcony

A garden table does not necessarily have to be put in the garden. Who knows, maybe you don’t have a garden at all, because you live in an apartment.

Don’t worry, because you can also set up a garden table with chairs on a balcony, as you can see in this photo. The colored plastic chairs, in combination with the wooden table, create a very cozy, attractive balcony. We have seen the combination of plastic and wood before, and it works very well. And the bright colors also ensure that you immediately get a summery feeling when you look at this garden set.

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